The manufacturing facility of Katdare Masale at MIDC consists of a massive 10,000 square feet factory shed constructed as per the latest FSSAI norms with exclusive facilities for the production of Spices and Pickles.
We have implemented the ‘Lean Management System’ that has brought about positive changes in our factory environment. It has reduced 7 types of wastages and increased productivity. The factory surroundings have become clean and healthy through the ‘Five S’ technique. ‘Kan-Ban’ and ‘Hijunka’ tools application reduced order process time (Lead time). It also reduced cancellation of orders and increased DoT (Delivery on time). Overall, the workers’ fatigue has reduced and at the same time, profitability has increased which has created a positive attitude and a healthy working culture.

Good manufacturing practices

At Katdare Foods, we use traditional techniques of processing food reinvented using modern machinery to produce large quantities, up to 2000 kg per day. This is to ensure that the food retains the essential micro-nutrients and natural aroma.

Traditional Pounding Process

Modern high speed grinding process causes the ingredients to heat up, destroying the essential volatile oil component thereby creating a loss of the natural aroma and flavour.
Our modernized traditional pounding technique is used mainly for processing spices as the exertion of pressure pulverizes it into powder (masala). This way, the authentic aroma and essential volatile oils are retained in the final product.

Automated and semi-automated lines

Our process is such that there is no external contamination, with minimal hand touch. The machinery set up consists of SS Pulverisers, Roaster and Blenders as well as Vibro-sifters for production of spices. Packing is done on automatic FFS packing machines.
The Pickles section consists of green mango cutting machine and mixers, blenders. The bottle packing is done through piston filler machine without any human contact. The plant is controlled and well-monitored at all times.

Maintaining Hygiene

Hygiene and cleanliness is taken very seriously and strictly maintained on shop floor. All workers use clean aprons, head caps, masks and hand gloves. Washing and sanitising is done on a regular basis. The processing unit has covered and closed windows and double door entrances. The goods are dispatched through an automated conveyor belt, thus preventing exposure of shop floor to outer environment.

Quality Parameters

Quality checking and assurance are followed as per ‘ISO 22000’ standards. It includes regular health check-up of workers, CCP records, check up of working floor, utensils, machine contact parts as well as workers’ hands.
Various policies are defined and displayed at many places for awareness of hygiene standards. Hygiene and cleanliness is maintained and controlled through PRP checklists. Various trainings on ‘Quality & Safety’ are given to all workers throughout the year.


Food items i.e. raw material, WIP, finished goods are stored in a clean and hygienic condition over the pallets, away from the shop floor in neat labelled manner. FIFO is strictly maintained in the store. The hazardous chemicals, floor cleaning material, washing soda and acids are stored in a separate location to avoid any contamination whatsoever.