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8 gm


Katdare Elaichi Powder

Katdare Elaichi powder is a fragrant, flavourful spice powder that will make all your desserts taste delicious. Whether you are making kheer, shrikhand, or gravies for vegetables and meat, a dash of this aromatic velchi powder is the perfect secret ingredient. 


Shelf life: 6 months

Product Description

About Green Cardamom Powder

Elaichi or Green cardamom, known as Velchi in Maharashtra, is an aromatic spice used extensively in sweets and sometimes while making gravies. Although it is an expensive spice, very small amounts of cardamom seeds or elaichi powder are required to add flavor and aroma to a dish. Many people dislike biting into the cardamom seed, hence elaichi powder is a better option. Cardamom powder also gets easily mixed into desserts and gravies and hence is easy to use in powder form. Tea becomes much more flavourful when one adds elaichi. Tea powder or tea masalas often contain cardamom powder too. 


Cardamom Powder Benefits

Cardamom has anti-oxidant and diuretic properties. This can help lower blood pressure. It is anti-inflammatory and also aids in digestion. It is used in ancient remedies to prevent cavities and reduce bad breath. In powder form, it can lower blood sugar levels. 


Why Buy Katdare Cardamom Powder Online?

Katdare brings to you the best quality cardamom, roasted and ground to a fine powder that will last long. This elaichi powder is made purely of cardamom and contains no added colors, flavors, or preservatives. It is healthy and can be consumed by vegetarians and vegans too. Grinding cardamom pods at home is time-consuming. So buy the powder online and store it for easy use. Katdare cardamom powder price is just Rs.50 for 8gm.


Offers and Additional Information

Velchi powder can lose its fragrance easily if stored in large quantities and constantly opened for use. Hence, Katdare cardamom powder is available in small 8gm packets. The elaichi powder price is Rs. 50 for each packet. 

FAQ’s About Green Cardamom/Elaichi Powder

Is cardamom powder the same as cinnamon?

No. Cardamom and cinnamon are two different spices.


Can I make cardamom powder at home?

It is possible to make cardamom powder at home but it is time-consuming as you will have to remove the husks of the cardamom pods first. So buying ready velchi powder online is a convenient option.


Can we have elaichi powder every day?

Yes. Cardamom is a popular spice, used in Indian cooking, not just for aroma but also for its healthy properties. Small amounts of elaichi powder in your tea, for instance, can be consumed daily.


Can I use Katdare elaichi powder for tea?

Definitely. A common spice that adds an amazing flavour to tea is cardamom. Tea powder with cardamom husks mixed in can often be found in many houses. Elaichi tea is a widespread beverage, especially in monsoons and winters.


What is cardamom powder used for?

Cardamom powder is used to flavour sweets like kheer, basundi, besan laddoo or shrikhand. It can be added to tea as well.

Velchi Powder Ingredients

    • Green cardamom

Cardamom Powder Recipes

  • Cardamom powder is a commonly used spice, added to desserts like kheer, besan laddoo, shrikhand, and basundi.
  • Just add a pinch of Katdare velchi powder to the milk while boiling it for kheer, or add it into besan when roasting for laddoos. Cardamom powder can be added to hung curd along with sugar when mixing it to make shrikhand.
  • Green cardamom powder is also an indispensable ingredient when making white gravies for paneer or chicken.
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