Chiwda Masala


50 gm


Katdare Chivda Masala

Buy Katdare chivda masala online and make delicious savory snacks like the much-loved traditional chivda whenever cravings hit. With the chivda masala ingredients in perfect proportion, Katdare’s chivda masala delivers consistency in taste for India’s most loved savory snack.


Our chivda masala is spicy without being overpowering, and it is 100 percent vegetarian. It is also gluten-free, dairy-free, and low in cholesterol. The masala also has a good shelf life of 8 months if it is stored in a sealed airtight container away from direct sunlight and moisture.


Shelf Life: 8 Month 

Product Description

About Chivda Masala

Whether chivda is prepared as a festival snack or just a routine snack to munch on at snack time, getting it just right is very easy with ready-made chivda masala mixes like Katdare’s poha chivda masala. This versatile masala can be used to make all kinds of chivdas, whether it is the usual poha chivda or the chivdas made with puffed rice, corn flakes or just about anything else. Once you have Katdare’s readymade chivda masala, all you really need are other chivda ingredients like poha, groundnuts, oil, and dry coconut, since the chivda masala ingredients take care of things like spices, sugar, salt, and chili powder.


Since chivda is essentially a healthy snack, especially in comparison to store-bought western foods like chips and chocolates, and because chivda recipes are traditional household recipes that are easy and accessible to all, chivda is a popular snack for people of all ages in India. And while it is possible to get a chivda masala recipe online and makes the chivda masala at home, Katdare’s low chivda masala price makes it a redundant option. It is simply more convenient, cost-effective, and time-saving to buy Katdare’s chivda masala from a store or online when planning to make chivdas at home.


Why Buy Katdare Chivda Masala Online?

It is easy, convenient, and cost-effective to buy Katdare chivda masala online. You can easily get it delivered right to your home.

Chivda Masala Recipe

Katdare’s chivda masala is best used in making traditional roasted chivda. It is very easy to make it and all you need is 3 cups of thin poha, half a cup of peanuts, a quarter cup of sliced dry coconut, curry leaves, green chilies, turmeric, salt to taste, and oil.


Dry roast the thin poha and set aside once crisp. In the same kadhai, heat the oil and fry the peanuts, and dry coconut and set aside. In the remaining oil add the chopped green chilies and curry leaves. Fry them for a few seconds and then add Haldi. Then add the roasted poha, the chivda masala, salt, and a slight bit of sugar to taste. Mix gently till the flavors come together.

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