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Katdare Special Chilly Powder


Katdare's Special Chilly Powder is a premium quality spice blend made from carefully selected high-quality red chili peppers. This finely ground powder has a rich red color and a spicy, pungent flavor that adds depth and heat to a variety of dishes.


The Special Chilly Powder is ideal for use in Indian and other cuisines and can be used to enhance the flavor of curries, stews, marinades, and snacks. This spice blend is gluten-free, non-GMO, and contains no artificial colors or preservatives, making it a healthy and flavorful addition to any kitchen.

Product Description

About Special Red Chilli (Mirchi) Powder


Red chili powder, also known as red chilly powder or red mirchi powder, is a popular spice used in Indian and other cuisines. Made from finely ground dried red chili peppers, it has a vibrant red color and a hot, pungent flavor that adds heat and depth to a variety of dishes. Red chili powder is an essential ingredient in many Indian dishes, such as curries, marinades, and snacks, and can also be used to make pickles and chutneys.


The price of chili powder varies based on the brand and quantity. It is available in different pack sizes, ranging from small pouches to large jars, making it easy to buy as per the need. Many brands offer organic or non-GMO chili powder that is free from artificial colors or preservatives, making it a healthy and flavorful addition to any kitchen.


Why Buy Katdare Red Chilli (Mirchi) Powder Online?


  • Made from premium quality, handpicked, and carefully selected red chilies


  • Rich and authentic flavor, with a perfect blend of spiciness and aroma


  • Hygienically processed and packed to ensure maximum freshness and purity


  • Versatile and can be used in various Indian and international dishes


  • Affordable and competitive pricing for the high-quality product

FAQ’s about Red Chilli (Mirchi) Powder


Is red chili powder the same as chili powder? 

Red chili powder and chili powder are essentially the same thing, made from ground dried chilies. However, sometimes chili powder may also include other spices and seasonings, whereas red chili powder is just the dried chili.


What is another name for red chilli powder? 

Red chilli powder is also commonly known as cayenne pepper or red pepper.


What is Indian red chili powder made of? 

Indian red chili powder is made from grinding dried red chilies. The type of chili used can vary, but some of the most popular types include Kashmiri, Byadgi, and Guntur.


Is red chilli powder hot? 

Yes, red chili powder is typically quite hot and spicy. The heat level can vary depending on the type of chili used and how it was processed.


Is red chilli powder good for health? 

Red chili powder is high in vitamins and antioxidants, and it may have some health benefits such as improving digestion and boosting metabolism. However, it is also high in capsaicin, which can cause digestive issues for some people and may exacerbate certain medical conditions.


What are the side effects of red chilli powder? 

Consuming too much red chilli powder can cause stomach irritation, heartburn, and other digestive issues. It may also exacerbate conditions like acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, and ulcers.


What can I use instead of chili powder? 

You can use cayenne pepper or paprika as a substitute for chili powder. However, keep in mind that these spices may have slightly different flavors and heat levels.


Can I buy Katdare red mirchi powder from stores near me? 

You can check the Katdare website or contact their customer support to find stores near you that carry their red mirchi powder. You can also purchase it online from various retailers.

Red Mirchi (Chilli) Powder Ingredients


Dried red chili peppers

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