Katdare Rajgira Peeth (राजगिरा पीठ)


200 gm

Upwas Peeth

Buy rajgira peeth online and enjoy delicious fasting foods even while you fast. Rajgira or amaranth is a superfood, a powerhouse of vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. It is also naturally gluten-free and thus suitable for gluten-intolerant individuals. Amaranth in all forms, whether whole or ground into flour, is fast-compliant and hence it is enjoyed during fasts in India.


Though amaranth’s most popular and readily available form is the rajgira ladoo (rajgira ladoo), rajgira flour is a really versatile fasting food that can be enjoyed as various sweet and savoury dishes.


So try Katdare’s राजगिरा पीठ today. It is free of additives such as preservatives and made with fresh raw materials that are ground in hygienic, fast-compliant facilities. 

Elevate your fasting feasts with our premium राजगिरा पीठ (Amaranth Flour) available at Katdare. Buy राजगिरा पीठ online and savor the authentic flavors of this fasting essential. buy spices online today!


Shelf Life : 6 Month 

Product Description

About Katdare Rajgira Flour

Here’s some important information about Katdare’s rajgira flour.

The flour is made from whole, dried amaranth seeds and since there is no chemical processing involved, the rajgira flour retains all its goodness

The flour does not contain any artificial colours or flavour, nor any preservatives

The amaranth seeds used in this flour are sourced locally

Why Buy Katdare Rajgira Flour?

It is hygienically made and ethically sourced

It is 100 percent fast-compliant and does not contain any additives

Its production process ensures that it undergoes no chemical changes and retains all its macro and micronutrients

FAQs on Rajgira Upwas Mix


Is Rajgira flour plain flour or ready-mix?

Katdare’s rajgira flour is plain, unseasoned rajgira flour. It can be used to make both savoury and sweet dishes.


How much does a pack of Katdare rajgira flour cost?

Currently, a 200gm pack of Katdare rajgira flour costs about Rs 50.

Katdare Rajgira Peeth Ingredients and Features

Made from whole, dried amaranth seeds with no additives or preservatives

Shelf life of 6 months

Versatile in use, can be used to make both savory and sweet recipes, including but not limited to upwas recipes

You can order rajgira flour online as well as offline in grocery stores near you


Known Health Benefits of Katdare Rajgira Flour

Since rajgira is a superfood, one would expect it to be loaded with essential nutrients. And true to that expectation, it does not disappoint. Here is some information on the health benefits of Katdare rajgira flour:

The flour contains all the goodness of rajgira. It is high in protein promotes cell repair and improves the health of hair, nails, and muscles

Rajgira contains calcium and phosphorus, both minerals essential for healthy bones

The high fiber content in rajgira helps to bind and excrete excess cholesterol, thus reducing your risk of heart ailments

Rajgira flour is not just for use during fasts, it is an essential protein source for vegetarians and can even be had daily

Rajgira flour is a gluten-free flour and can also be used for baking gluten-free cakes and cookies

Easy Katdare Rajgira Atta Recipes

buy Rajgira Atta is so versatile that you can make both sweet and savory recipes with it. You can also make upwas and non-upwas recipes with it. Here’s one simple upwas recipe, the sama rajgira dosa or farali dosa recipe and it can be served as an upwas breakfast.


Half a cup sama (sanwa millet or bhagar)

Half a cup of rajgira flour

Half cup buttermilk (sour)

Rock salt (sendha namak) to taste

Oil for shallow frying

1 tbsp green chilli paste

Soak the sanwa millet for a couple of hours. Then drain and put it in a mixer grinder along with all the other ingredients. Blend to a smooth paste by adding a slight bit of water. Leave this batter aside overnight for natural fermentation. The next day, on a hot non-stick girdle, pour a ladleful of batter and spread out thinly like a normal dosa. Drizzle a little oil, flip, and cook on both ends. Serve when cooked and crispy, preferably with curd (when fasting) or with coconut mint chutney when not fasting.

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