Katdare Shingada Peeth (शिंगाडा पीठ)


200 gm

Upwas Peeth

Shingada flour, also known as singoda flour or singhara flour, is dried water chestnut flour, popularly consumed during fasts such as during Navratras. You can now buy शिंगाडा पीठ online and have it home delivered to make fast-compliant halwa, tikkis, puris and more during your next fast.

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Product Description

About Singoda Flour (Singhara Atta)

Singhara atta or water chestnut flour is commonly used to make fast-compliant delicacies during the Navratri. Apart from being fast-compliant, singhara flour is an excellent source of energy while being low in calories. From a nutrition perspective, it is protein-rich and full of fiber. Add to this the advantage of being extremely versatile, and you have a winner in singhara flour.


If you are watching your weight or if you are gluten-intolerant, buy Katdare singhara atta online and incorporate it into your daily food habits. It is naturally gluten-free, helps digestion, and also helps you maintain steady blood pressure.

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As the Katdare singhara atta is in line with other attacks in the market, adding it to your diet outside of fasting days is not hard on the budget. Katdare’s singhara atta is 100 percent vegetarian and is made in a hygienic facility that maintains fast compliance. Like Katdare’s other upwas flours, the singoda flour too is fresh, tasty, and aromatic. 


Katdare shingada flour has a shelf life of 6 months, but once you open the pack, you should store the remaining atta in an airtight container. Keep it in a cool and dry place.


Benefits of Singoda Flour (Singhara Atta)

Singoda flour has several nutritional benefits and they are:

  • The flour is nutritionally high in protein, fiber, and essential macro and micronutrients like potassium.
  • Shingade ka atta is naturally gluten-free and hence suitable for people with gluten intolerance.
  • Shingoda flour is suitable for vegetarians and is also allowed in many religious fasts.
  • Shingada flour is low in calories and suitable for Weight Watchers.
  • Shinghara atta is versatile and can be used to make both sweet and savory dishes.


Why Katdare Water Chestnut Flour/Singhara Atta?

Katdare’s water chestnut flour is made in a clean and hygienic facility with full production cognizance of this being a fast-compliant food. It is 100 percent vegetarian, and it contains no artificial additives, not even preservatives. Katdare flours retain their original nutrient value, color, and flavor thanks to their belief in chemical-free processing.

FAQs on Water Chestnut Flour(Singhara Atta)


Does singhara atta increase weight?

Singhara atta is actually low in calories and helps promote weight loss.


Is water chestnut flour healthy?

Water chestnut flour packs loads of essential micro and macronutrients. It contains vitamins like B6 and minerals like potassium. It is also high in protein and fiber.


Does singhara atta increase weight?

No, singhara atta does not increase weight.


Is singhara atta good for diabetics?

Singhara atta is loaded with fiber. This ensures better digestion and also a slow release of sugars in the body. Singhara atta is thus quite good for people with diabetes.


How do you take singhara atta?

Singhara atta is quite versatile, and you can consume it in the form of sweet or savory snacks. It is also given to toddlers in the form of porridge.


How to buy singhara atta online?

You can buy Singhara atta online on the Katdare website, or you can purchase it from any physical grocery store near you.

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What Recipes Can Be Made from Singhara Atta(Water Chestnut Flour)?

Shingara atta is used to make both sweet and savory dishes. While you can make just about anything from burfis to puris using shingada atta, one of the simplest recipes is that of shingada atta chilla.


All you need is a large cup of singhara atta, one tablespoon of finely chopped green chilies, half a teaspoon of cumin powder, some rock salt to taste, oil to shallow fry, and a heaped tablespoon of finely chopped coriander. Mix all these ingredients together in a bowl and add water to make a pancake-like batter. Sprinkle oil in a hot pan and spread a ladle full of batter. Spread it thinly and evenly. Add more oil on the sides as it cooks to make it crispy at the edges. Flip and cook both sides. Serve hot with dahi.

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