Kutchi Dabeli Masala (कच्छी दाबेली मसाला)

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Spice up your life with the authentic taste of Kutchi Dabeli Masala! Buy Kutchi Dabeli masala and experience a burst of flavor like never before! Open the substance of real Gujarati road food with Katdare कच्छी दाबेली मसाला. Our painstakingly created mix of premium flavors catches the dynamic kinds of Kutchi Dabeli, guaranteeing a remarkable culinary encounter. Whether you're a carefully prepared gourmet expert or a home cook, presently you can purchase Kutchi Dabeli Masala powder on the web and imbue your dishes with the compelling taste of natively constructed goodness. Order Kutchi Dabeli Masala online today from the Katdare site and set out on a flavor-pressed venture that will please your taste buds and transport you to the clamoring roads of Gujarat.

Product Description

Dabeli is a spicy potato mixture combined with onions, cilantro, garlic chutney, crunchy peanuts, and pomegranate seeds. The unique flavors of dabeli come from the special blend of spices, (कच्छी दाबेली मसाला) that is packed with wholesome nutty, and spicy flavors without being too overwhelming to the taste buds.


The narrative of Kutchi Dabeli Masala is entwined with the rich social legacy of Gujarat, where flavors rule and culinary practices run profound. "Dabeli" means "squeezed" in Gujarati, alluding to the special technique for gathering the dish. Rumors from far and wide suggest that Kuchhi Dabeli Masala was first made by the shrewd road sellers of Kutch who looked to entice the taste buds of tired explorers with an ensemble of flavors. From that point forward, it has turned into a vital piece of Gujarat's culinary scene, praised for its striking flavors and sweet-smelling intricacy.


At Katdarefoods, we have faith in regarding custom and protecting the credible kinds of Indian cooking. Our Kachhi Dabeli Masala is a demonstration of this way of thinking, fastidiously created utilizing a mix of premium flavors obtained from the best locales of India. Each zest is painstakingly chosen and broiled flawlessly, guaranteeing that each touch of masala is overflowing with smell and flavor. With Katdare's Kutchi Dabeli Masala, you can reproduce the wizardry of Gujarat's road food slows down in the solace of your own home.


Uniqueness in Katdare’s Kutchi Dabeli Masala

Remarkable in Katdare's Kutchi Dabeli Masala lies in its carefully created mix of premium flavors, obtained from the best districts of India. Our recipe, consummated over ages, catches the pith of Indian favorite street food with an amicable harmony between flavors and smells. What separates us isn't simply the nature of our fixings, yet additionally the enthusiasm and skill that goes into each bunch of masala we produce. With Katdare's Kutchi Dabeli Masala, you're not simply getting a flavor mix - you're experiencing custom, legitimacy, and culinary greatness.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is Kutchi Dabeli?

Kutchi Dabeli is a well-known Indian road food starting from the Kutch locale of Gujarat. It comprises of a zesty potato filling prepared with extraordinary dabeli masala, sandwiched between buttered buns, and decorated with different chutneys and fixings.


Can I make Kutchi Dabeli at home?

Indeed, Kutchi Dabeli can be effortlessly made at home with the right fixings and recipes. Its taste improves by adding Katdare kutchi dabeli masala. It permits you to alter the filling and change the flavor levels as per your inclination.


Is Kutchi Dabeli vegetarian?

Indeed, Kutchi Dabeli is a veggie lover road food dish that contains no meat or creature items. It is made with a filling of flavored pureed potatoes and normally presented with veggie lover chutneys and garnishes.

How might I store Kutchi Dabeli Masala?

To save its newness and flavor, store Kutchi Dabeli Masala in an impermeable compartment in a cool, dry spot away from direct daylight. Appropriately put away, it can keep up with its quality for a considerable length of time.


How is Katdare's Kutchi Dabeli Masala different from other spice blends?

Katdare's Kutchi Dabeli Masala is explicitly custom-fitted to upgrade the kind of potato filling in dabeli, with an ideal equilibrium of intensity, pleasantness, and profundity. Dissimilar to other zest mixes, catching the real taste of Gujarat's notable road food is interestingly created.


coriander seeds

cumin seeds

fennel seeds





star anise 

bay leaves

Kutchi Dabeli Recipe:


  1. Prepare the filling by mixing mashed potatoes with Katdre Kutchi Dabeli Masala, chopped onions, roasted peanuts, shredded coconut, and tamarind chutney.
  2. Toast the pav (buns) on a griddle with butter until golden brown and crisp.
  3. Spread garlic chutney on one side of the pav and tamarind chutney on the other.
  4. Place a generous portion of the potato filling on one side of the pav.
  5. Top with chopped onions, pomegranate seeds, and sev (fried chickpea noodles).
  6. Close the pav and press gently to seal in the filling.
  7. Optionally, heat the dabeli on the griddle for a few seconds before serving.
  8. Serve hot with additional chutneys and garnishes if desired. Enjoy your homemade Kutchi Dabeli!
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