Special Halad Powder (Turmeric Powder)

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Buy organic turmeric powder from Katdare Foods and rest assured that you get 100 percent pure Haldi powder with no artificial additives.

Katdare’s halad powder is rich in curcumin and other beneficial compounds, and it truly deserves its spot as a kitchen staple in all Indian households.

Shelf Life- 6 Months

Product Description

About Katdare Halad Powder, Turmeric Powder

Turmeric or haldi is a common naturally-grown spice and it has been used for ages in Indian cuisine. It is a rich source of antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories, and has been proven to reduce the risk of several cancers.


Pure haldi powder, or halad as it is locally known in Maharashtra, has many healing properties and various uses including as an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and immune-boosting agent.


For turmeric to be effective as a traditional medicine for its multiple health benefits though, it needs to be pure, organic, and non-GMO. Sadly, even the brightest yellow haldi powder today cannot validate the fact that it could be adulterated with pigments.  Hence, knowing where to buy turmeric powder is an important factor.


Even if you buy turmeric powder online it is important to ensure that the tag ‘organic turmeric powder’ is not just a marketing gimmick.  And that’s where Katdare Foods comes in. While the haldi powder price you pay here is reasonable, you are assured that you get the best organic turmeric powder online or offline through our brand.


Sourced directly from farmers and powdered directly from dried turmeric roots, Katdare’s best-quality turmeric powder is unadulterated and pure. Shop Katdare’s real haldi powder in India today.Sourced directly from farmers and powdered directly from dried turmeric roots, Katdare’s best quality turmeric powder is unadulterated and pure. Shop Katdare’s real haldi powder in India today.


Why Buy Katdare Special Halad Powder?

  • Katdare Special Halad Powder is pure and contains no harmful additives
  • Since the process of making Katdare Halad Powder does not involve chemical processing, the turmeric powder retains its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties
  • Katdare Special Halad Powder retains its natural colouring, which is rare in today’s world where the use of artificial, edible pigments is common
  • Katdare’s Special Halad Powder is sold at a competitive haldi powder price throughout India
  • Katdare’s Special Halad Powder can be bought online from anywhere in India



FAQ’s on Haldi Powder

Is haldi and turmeric the same thing?

Haldi and turmeric are indeed the same things. Haldi is in fact the Hindi translation of turmeric. Turmeric is also known as halad (Marathi), majal (Tamil), houlud (Bengali), etc. depending on the regional language being spoken.


What is haldi powder made of?

There are many active ingredients in haldi powder, but the actual powder itself is simply a ground powdered form of dried haldi roots. There are no other additives in pure haldi powder.


Can I use turmeric powder for tea?

Most definitely turmeric powder can be used in a tea infusion if you prefer the taste of it. Turmeric powder is 100 percent edible and is used extensively in Indian cuisine. 


What happens if I drink turmeric every day?

Some research reports suggest that taking small quantities of turmeric daily is beneficial to overall health. Some studies also suggest that drinking turmeric daily lowers the risk of getting cancer later in life.


Can I drink turmeric with warm water?

Indeed you can. Most research involving adults supports the safe use of 400–600 milligrams (mg) of pure turmeric powder 3 times daily, and this can be had with warm water.


Is it okay to boil turmeric?

While cooking turmeric does not lower its nutritional value, boiling it does reduce the effectiveness of its active ingredient curcumin. So if you are consuming turmeric for its health benefits, you should avoid boiling it for better absorption of its nutrients.


What is the best way to consume Katdare turmeric?

You can have Katdare turmeric as a drink with milk or you can use it while cooking. Katdare turmeric is pure in additive-free so it can be used in practically all traditional ways of cooking and eating turmeric.

Katdare Haldi Powder Ingredients & Features

100% turmeric powder derived from dried turmeric roots

Retains original aroma and natural oils

Active ingredient: Curcumin

Shelf life of 6 months


Known Health Benefits of Pure Haldi Powder

Powerful anti-inflammatory properties that help with a range of health issues, from sore throat to external injuries

Protects joints

Improves digestion and maintains liver health

Facilitates fat loss

Anti-oxidant properties that fight oxidative stress

Promotes good health of the nervous system

Boost natural immunity

Treats cold and flu

Great for skin, detoxifying and cleansing properties

Rich in dietary fibre, iron, potassium, magnesium and, vitamin B6

Store in a cool, dry place

Use in curries, soups, rice dishes, and more

Easy Katdare Turmeric Powder Recipes

While turmeric latte or golden milk has taken the western world by storm, we’ve enjoyed haldi doodh in our culture since time immemorial. And the recipe is so simple, that it can almost be made on automatic. 


You simply need a teaspoon of turmeric or haldi powder, a glass of warm milk, and some honey (or sugar) to taste. Some people simply mix all the ingredients to make their turmeric milk, Some others prefer to boil the milk and add in the turmeric a few seconds before boiling point. This yellow milk is then poured into a cup containing honey or sugar, stirred, and enjoyed.

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