Soyabean Chutney


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Katdare Soyabean Chutney


Katdare's Soyabean Chutney is a delicious and nutritious condiment made from roasted soybeans and a blend of spices. This chutney has a nutty and slightly spicy taste that makes it a perfect accompaniment for a variety of dishes such as dosas, idlis, sandwiches, and salads. It is rich in protein, dietary fiber, and essential minerals, making it a healthy addition to any meal. The Soyabean Chutney is easy to use and can be enjoyed as a dip or spread.


Shelf Life: 6 Month 

Product Description

About Soyabean chutney 


Soybean chutney is a popular condiment in Indian cuisine that is made from cooked soybeans and a blend of spices and herbs. It is a healthy alternative to traditional chutneys made from high-fat ingredients such as coconut and peanuts. Soybean chutney is a good source of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, making it a nutritious addition to meals. The chutney is typically used as a dipping sauce for snacks such as samosas and pakoras, and also served with rice and curries. Some variations of soybean chutney include adding other ingredients such as garlic, ginger, and mint for extra flavor.


Why Buy Katdare Soyabean Chutney Online?

  • Delectable and wholesome condiment crafted from roasted soybeans and a unique blend of spices. 
  • Its nutty and mildly spicy flavor is an ideal accompaniment to various dishes such as dosas, idlis, sandwiches, and salads. 
  • The chutney is loaded with protein, dietary fiber, and vital minerals, making it an excellent nutritional supplement to any meal. 
  • Its versatile nature makes it easy to use as a dip or spread.

Soyabean Chutney Ingredients

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