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Katdare Chakali Bhajani Flour


Make hot, crunchy chaklis as part of your Diwali faraal or as a regular tea-time snack with Katdare Chakali Bhajani flour. The bhajani flour and spice mix that comes with it will give you great tasting, easy-to-make chaklis in no time. This readymade flour is made by dry roasting rice, gram daal, and many more ingredients to make this perfect blend.


Shelf Life: 6 months

Product Description

About Chakali Bhajani


Chakali is a most appreciated snack of Indian Heritage. But it's not easy to make crunchy and delicious Chakalis, which will dissolve when you put those in your mouth. Don't worry, we have made it easy for you.


Chakali is a very popular Maharashtrian fried snack that is a part of faraal made especially for the Diwali festival. But many people love chakalis as a breakfast or tea-time snack as well. These are convenient to carry on long journeys too. 


Katdare chakali bhajani is made from healthy, good quality pulses, dry roasted and blended to perfection. The spice mix consists of the required spices in just the right amounts so you get the most authentic taste without having to add anything yourself.


Why Buy Katdare Chakali Bhajani Online?

Katdare chakali bhajani has the right quantities of ingredients to give you the perfect taste and consistency of chakalis each time. It also saves you the trouble of roasting, drying, and blending the pulses. Order Katdare chakli bhajani online and store it to make instant chaklis any time you want.


Offers and Additional Information

  • Katdare chakli bhajani flour comes with a spice mix. The flour packet and the spice mix together are all you need for crispy chaklis with an authentic taste for festivals or for regular snacking.
  • The chakli flour comes in a clean, hygienic packaging of 500gms. It contains no added colors or flavors.


FAQs On Chakali Bhajani Peeth


What is chakli bhajani powder made of?
Chakli bhajani flour recipe consists of rice, wheat, gram dal, black gram, green gram, and spices like coriander, cumin, and turmeric.


Can I make chakli bhajani at home?
With Katdare Chakli Bhakani packet, making chakli bhajani at home is easy and delicious, giving you perfect, crunchy chakalis every time.


How to make chakali bhajani pith?
Various pulses and spices need to be dry roasted and blended to make chakli bhajani pith. This is time-consuming. Katdare Chakli Bhajani flour is an instant powder that helps make chakli dough quickly.

Where can I buy Katdare chakali bhajani powder near me? 
But Katdare chakali bhajani powder online at

Chakali Bhajani Ingredients

Chakali Masala 
    • Red Chilli
    • Common Salt
    • Carom Seeds
    • Sesame


    • Rice
    • Gram Dal
    • Wheat
    • Black Gram
    • Green Gram 
    • Coriander 
    • Cumin
    • Turmeric

Chakali Bhajani Recipe

Making chakalis using Katdare chakali bhajani is an easy 3 step process.

  • Boil water with a little oil in it and add this little at a time to the bhajani flour and spice mix on a plate. Knead the dough tightly and let it rest.
  • Add the dough to a chakali maker (an instrument used to make the chakali shape) and drop the dough in hot oil for frying.
  • Fry till both sides are golden brown. You can store the chakalis in an air-tight container till consumption.
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