Kokani Wada Mix (कोंबडी वडा पीठ)


400 gm

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Katdare Konkani Wada Mix

Kokani Wada Mix is a delightful blend designed to help you prepare the traditional Maharashtrian snack, Kokani Wada, with ease. This mix combines the finest ingredients to recreate the authentic flavors of the coastal Konkan region. Known for its crispy texture and rich taste, Kokani Wada is a perfect snack for any occasion. With Katdarefoods कोंबडी वडा Mix, you can quickly and conveniently make this delicious snack at home, bringing a taste of Maharashtra's coastal cuisine to your kitchen. Buy कोंबडी वडा Mix online from Katdarefoods and enjoy the authentic taste of traditional Maharashtrian cuisine. Easy to prepare and made with high-quality ingredients. Order कोंबडी वडा पीठ!


Shelf life : 5 months

Product Description

Konkani Wada Mix is a specialized blend crafted to bring the authentic taste of the Konkan region's traditional snack, Kokani Wada, to your kitchen. This mix is made with a combination of high-quality ingredients, ensuring a perfect balance of flavors and textures. The crispy exterior and flavorful interior of Kokani Wada make it a beloved snack, often enjoyed with spicy chutneys and tea. The mix simplifies the preparation process, making it easy for anyone to recreate this regional delicacy at home. Discover more instant mixes on our website.


The convenience of Katdarefoods' Konkani Wada Mix lies in its ability to deliver consistent results with minimal effort. Simply follow the instructions on the pack to prepare the batter, fry to golden perfection, and enjoy a snack that transports you to the coastal regions of Maharashtra. Whether you're hosting a gathering or looking for a quick and tasty treat, Konkani Wada Mix offers a delightful solution. Experience the rich culinary heritage of the Konkan region with this easy-to-use mix and savor the flavors of traditional Maharashtrian cuisine.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


1. What is Katdare Kokani Wada Mix made of?

Katdare Kokani Wada Mix is made from high-quality ingredients including rice flour, urad dal flour, and a blend of traditional spices, ensuring an authentic taste and texture.


2. How do I prepare Kokani Wada using Katdare Kokani Wada Mix?

To prepare Kokani Wada, mix the contents of the packet with water to form a thick batter, shape the batter into wadas, and deep fry until golden brown. Detailed instructions are provided on the packet.


3. Can I store the prepared batter for later use?

It's best to use the batter immediately for optimal texture and taste. Storing the batter might affect the consistency and flavor of the wadas.


4. Are there any preservatives in the Katdare Konkani Wada Mix?

Katdare Kokani Wada Mix is made with natural ingredients and does not contain artificial preservatives, ensuring a fresh and authentic taste.


Kokani Wada Mix Ingredients


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